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Online Pregnancy Yoga and Mummy & Baby Yoga

Due to the current Covid 19 situation and necessary social distancing my pregnancy yoga classes, mummy and baby yoga classes in Marlow and Burnham and hypno-yoga birth preparation workshops have moved online.
Online classes will continue along side my local classes when we are able to return to face to face classes
See links below for full details on my online offerings and how I can support you.


Amazing on so many levels - helps energise, promotes relaxation, relieves aches & pains, and prepares body and mind for childbirth. Come and try my online pregnancy yoga classes



Combining deeply relaxing self-hypnosis techniques with the hypnotic breath and movement of yoga. These empowering birth preparation workshops provide all the tools you need so you can birth your baby with calm confidence. Now available as a pre-recorded course so you can practice in your own time



Targeted, effective and specific postnatal yoga, safely rebuild your core strength while enjoying time with your baby. You can join my online  mummy and baby yoga  class until we are back in Marlow and Burnham.



Congratulations if you are pregnant or have recently had a baby! 
Are You Pregnant?
If you are pregnant and looking for support to help you prepare for birth, calm anxiety about what lies ahead or strengthen your body and alleviate some of the common pregnancy ailments such as back pain, hip pain, heartburn I have got you covered.  
Are You A New Mum?
Or maybe you have recently had a baby and need to safely re-strengthen your core, pelvis  and lower back, release tension in the upper back or ease anxiety and depression then I would love to help you.
 I teach weekly Pregnancy yoga and  Mummy & Baby yoga,  usually in Marlow and Burnham but online for now. 
 I also offer regular Hypno-yoga Birth Preparation workshops which give women all the tools necessary to help them feel empowered to birth their babies with calm confidence.
No previous yoga experience required.  Do get in touch, come along and try a class.  I hope to see you soon xx


Have a More Enjoyable, Comfortable Pregnancy

Feel Empowered, Calm & Confident to Birth Your Baby

Learn to Safely Re-strengthen Your Body Postnatally

Why Choose My Classes?

I am Jennie Phenix, I have over 20 years of yoga experience and have been specialising in teaching Pregnancy yoga & Mummy & Baby yoga since 2005.

I have now supported thousands of women in my local area through pregnancy, birth and postnatally.  I have had women coming back for their third and even fourth round of classes with me.

I have seen countless times just how powerful and amazing yoga can be on this special journey and as a mum of two I have first hand experience of what you are going through.

 I would love to support you too!


My Students Say...

Larissa, Flackwell Heath

"Everything I learn't in your classes helped so much, especially being able to keep the connection between my breath and movements through each contraction. I  kept control and naturally went into some of the positions / movements that we did in class. It was the best preparation I could have had!! Thank you!!!"

Sasha, Stokenchurch

"Jennie is fantastic, warm and kind. Your Pregnancy yoga classes in Marlow have really helped with the aches and pains from pregnancy, breathing techniques in preparation for birth and relaxation. I walk out of there feeling totally calm and relaxed. It’s a great way to meet other pregnant ladies and share stories and experiences".

Julie, Burnham 

"Thank you Jennie for the fantastic Pregnancy yoga classes in Burnham, it was lovely to have some relaxing 'me time' every week and feel prepared and positive about labour. The breathing techniques and positions learnt in class enabled me to birth both my boys (2012 and 2018) drug free in the birthing pool and contributed to a wonderful experience". 



Classes, Workshops & Retreats

If you are looking for yoga classes in London, Bucks and Berks, or UK and International retreats and workshops with Jeff Phenix


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