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Online Pregnancy Yoga Classes Every Week


Do come and give a class a try - scroll down for full class details, current schedule, testimonials and how to book and access the live online classes
"I felt just as relaxed after the online class as I do after Jennie's normal classes 
and I loved being able to go  straight to bed afterward." Sarah
I am back to face to face classes but will be filming my Monday 7pm pregnancy yoga class. This can either be joined live via zoom or you can receive a recording valid for 6 days.


Are You Pregnant?
Maybe you feeling anxious about what lies ahead, particularly with our current situation?  
Are you looking for a way to strengthen your body and prepare physically, mentally and emotionally for the birth of your baby? 
Are you suffering from back pain, heartburn, fatigue, leg cramps, hip pain or other common pregnancy ailments?
 Do you want to learn breathing techniques, movements, and positions that are going to be so helpful to you during labour?  
Suitable from 13 - 42 weeks  No previous yoga experience needed
My online pregnancy yoga classes can help you with all of this and more
"Everything I learned in your classes helped so much, especially being able to keep the connection between my breath and movements through each contraction. I  kept control and naturally went into some of the positions / movements that we did in class. It was the best preparation I could have had!! Thank you!!!" Larissa

Monday: 8.15pm
or receive recording valid for 6 days
Are You A New Mum?
Have you recently had a baby and looking for a way to safe way back into exercise to restrengthen your core, stabilise your pelvis and lower back?
Do you need to release tension in the shoulders, upper back or neck from all the feeding and carrying you are doing?
  Do you feel anxious, overwhelmed and exhausted and need something to help you boost your energy levels?
Would you like something positive to do to help fill you day and provide fun bonding time with your baby?  
From 6 weeks till crawling No previous experience required
My online Mummy and baby classes can offer you all of this and more
"Jennie strikes a great balance between yoga routines that are genuinely good for postnatal recovery and cute yoga that’s nice for bonding with your baby. I highly recommend her mummy and baby yoga in Burnham". Katie

Is now in person in Burnham on Tuesdays
and Marlow on Thursdays
Online classes are cheaper than face to face classes. If you have already purchsed face to face class credits you can use these to book online classes and a credit will be added to your account each time, which can be redeemed against future purchases. 

Online Prices

 Pregnancy Yoga Trial Class £11

Mummy & Baby Yoga Trial Class £9.50

Block of 6 classes £54

Block of 3 classes £28.50

Why Book My Classes?

I have been teaching pregnancy yoga and postnatal yoga for 15 years and as a mum of two I have first hand experience of what you are going through.
I have now supported thousands of women in my local area through pregnancy, birth and postnatally and have had women coming back for their third and even fourth round of classes with me.  I would love to support you too! 

"I attended Jennie's pregnancy yoga classes for all 3 of my pregnancies. The techniques I learned prepared me for 3 wonderful labour experiences- all without pain relief or fear, and instead experiences filled with calm, excitement and reassured control. I am so grateful to Jennie and highly recommend her pregnancy yoga classes and hypno-birthing techniques" Clare

"Jennie is a fantastic teacher and makes you feel completely at ease.  Her classes help maintain mobility and ease tension during pregnancy and also focus on yoga postures and breathing techniques for birth.  This was invaluable during labour to help me to stay calm and focused." Zoe

"Jennies mummy and baby yoga is a really lovely class - gave me the confidence to get going again after having both my babies. Excellent first step to safely prepare for starting exercise and yoga again". Louise

"Jennie's Mummy & Baby yoga classes were so wonderful and helped me through really though times both physically and mentally!  They helped me recover from a difficult birth and gave me confidence in rebuilding my core. Highly recommended!" Claire


Online Hypno-yoga Course

I am also now offering my popular hypno-yoga workshop as an online course which you do in your own time.

I combine the best hypnobirthing techniques with hypnotic breath and movements of yoga to give women a toolkit full of really helpful and practical tips and techniques, which will help them feel empowered to birth their babies with calm confidence. 

"I would heartily recommend Jennie's Hypno-yoga Birth Preparation workshop. She has a very structured and clear approach to providing tools and techniques to help you prepare for the labour and birth of your baby.  I found the sessions informative, supportive and frankly empowering.  It certainly made me more confident about the birth and I used many of the techniques in labour" Lucy

Hypno-Yoga Details


How to Book

Click on the button below to create an account or sign in to the booking system where you can purchase class credits and book classes.  
When creating an account on my website you will fill in a health registration so please give full details of any medical conditions, injuries or complications relating to your pregnancy or postnatal recovery.  My classes are by nature very safe and I offer an adapted yoga practice suitable for pregnant and postnatal women.
However, if you are a beginner or have specific health challenges it may be helpful for us to have a  short video chat before your first class so I can offer you any relevant modifications. I will let you know if I think this is necessary.
Once you have booked into a class you will find the unique link to join the class under "my classes"  next to any classes that you are booked into.  Log in 10 minutes before the class start time to allow you to get set up.  

How to Access the Class

I use a platform called Zoom which you will need to download and create a Zoom account before your first online class.
 It seems to work best on a laptop rather than a phone or tablet.  
Once you have booked into a class you will see the link next to the class if you click on the "my classes" button in your account for my website.  Each class has a unique link and meeting code.  *You need to be logged into your account to access this.
Please log in 10 - 15 minutes before the start of the class so we can start on time.



Instructions Once You Are in The Class

Click on the video of me and click pin video which will keep me as your large video screen
Click hide other participants 
Select speaker view and not gallery view on the top right corner
This will work best if you view on a laptop rather than a tablet or phone if possible.
Once we get started with the class you will also need to mute your sound in the bottom left hand corner.  If possible position your laptop in such a way that I can see your full mat so I see what you are doing.
What You Need For The Classes
Ideally a yoga mat but not totally necessary if you are on a carpet or rug
A yoga block - if you don't have a large hardback book is a good substitute
Blanket & cushions for your comfort and warmth
A blanket for you baby for mummy & baby yoga 
Wear leggings or loose comfortable clothes that you can easily move in
We do Yoga in bare feet
You may want to play relaxing music in the background as I am unable to play my music through Zoom
For full details of the benefits of Pregnancy yoga & Mummy & Baby Yoga,  what to expect  and what you need see the individual pages of my website.